Office 365 / SharePoint based Intranet

Modern organizations are characterized by having established an ideal framework for easy communication, knowledge sharing and cooperation across different employee groups, departments, locations and countries. A corporate intranet can establish the foundation for internal communication and knowledge sharing between employees in your organization.

A well-functioning intranet enables your organization to ensure:

  • A high level of information – your employees are well informed on the organizational activities
  • A mutual organizational identity and culture, that can help create common ground and dedicated employees 
  • Relevant communication for each employee 
  • A better framework for knowledge sharing and cooperation across the organization 
  • Streamlined business processes 

A digital and mobile workplace

A modern intranet is much more than just an internal digital bulletin board from where you get news, latest service announcements or gain access to the employee handbook. In modern organizations, the intranet provides a central entry to the overall knowledge base of the organization, including the immense amount of knowledge that is stored in documents or floating between employees.

Today the intranet is the employees’ digital workplace whereas the traditional intranet was one of many systems where you could find knowledge and information. The traditional intranet portal have been accompanied by a number of productivity- and process supporting tools that forms a complete digital workplace accessible at the office or on the move.  

Get a customized standard solution

Every organization is unique and thus no intranet solution is the same. None the less there are many recurring functional requirements in all intranet solutions. Therefore we have developed an intranet product, IntraActive Intranet, based on SharePoint or Office 365 that makes it possible for your business to get a flexible intranet that can be customized to fit your organizations specific needs within a reasonable timeframe and an affordable price.  

The intranet as center for business development

Often the intranet can be a driver for development of the organization and its processes. Both the SharePoint and the Office 365 platform offers a numerous amount of possibilities to support and optimize a number of business processes such as document management, project management, quality management, HR processes, social knowledge sharing and so on. Based on this, the implementation of a SharePoint or Office 365 based intranet can be the center of a continuous development of your business.