Document Management

Take advantage of the user-friendly standard tools in Office 365 for document and record management and make users happier and more productive.

Enterprise Content Management, Case and Document Management, Case Management, ESDH – all these different terms cover different angles on how to handle documents. Most recently, the concept of IIM – Intelligent Information Management has been expanded to add automation and analysis of content to the more classic disciplines.

In ProActive, we work with all these angles to provide you with the right solution in a secure and business-integrated way – and not least, we work on automating as much as possible so that your employees, partners and customers all get the optimum user experience.

Case and document management has long been a discipline that has been associated with unnecessarily cumbersome workflows and heavy proprietary IT systems, which have functioned as data silos and been poorly integrated with users’ everyday office tools.

But why is it absolutely difficult to approach and work with case and document management?

Today, most organizations have already equipped their office employees with Office 365 as a digital toolbox. Why not let case and document management become an integral part of their toolbox and thus make employees both happier and more productive – and get more benefits out of the entire Office 365 package.

Office 365 + WorkPoint = Modern case and document management

ProActive provides customized case and document management solutions based on Office 365 and 3rd party product WorkPoint 365. It gives your organization a wide variety of benefits:

  • A modern, user-friendly solution that is integral to users’ digital toolbox (Office 365)
    Easy and fast access via mobile devices
  • Increased data security with multifactor authentication etc. – where it is necessary
  • Flexible opportunities to collaborate on cases and documents both internally and externally (Office, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams)
  • Great opportunities for optimization and automation using AI

In other words, your organization has never had better opportunities to put an end to the outdated ESDH silo systems and bring case and document management into the digital age.

Your organization probably already has Office 365. With a relatively transparent investment in the third-party product WorkPoint 365 and ProActive’s consulting services, your organization may soon be up to running a new and modern ESDH / EDH / case and document management solution.

How do we approach the project?

Our experienced EDH consultancy team uses a proven project model for deliveries, which basically ensures that we take care of you as an organization and the goals you have – not only for the processing of documents, but also in the bigger picture. Because our solutions are based on standard Microsoft and WorkPoint tools, the technical implementation takes relatively little time, and the greatest complexities are therefore typically content migration and system integration.