Communication and collaboration in one tool with Microsoft Teams

Without communication, no collaboration. And now that the work is not tied to a specific time or physical location, it is necessary to rethink yesterday’s solutions.

Since communication and collaboration are two sides of the same issue, employee tools should be structured in the same way. Microsoft Teams, combined with ProActive’s years of experience in both technical and business solution implementation, allows you to reap the value of:

  • Faster and better decisions as communication and collaboration are done directly in the context of the tasks to be solved.
  • Time and place flexibility as you can work from PC / Mac, browser, smartphone, tablet, etc.
    Closer collaboration with customers, partners and citizens, all of whom can join in meetings and collaborations.
  • Optimization of the toolbox by integrating eg; CRM, contact center, project management, business intelligence etc. directly into the collaboration spaces.

A digital Swiss knife

The foundation for ProActive Communications is Microsoft Teams, which you can get an overview of here, but in the following we look specifically at Teams as the foundation for your communication needs.

In general, the solution allows you to consolidate your existing telephony solutions – including switching and contact center – as well as audio, video and web conferencing into one unified cloud-based solution.

In addition to reduced operating and administrative costs, the solution can also provide direct savings on both licenses and support agreements. Using Microsoft Office 365 today, Teams will most likely already be part of your license.

Below are just a few of the options:

  • Hold audio, video and web meetings with up to 250 participants
  • Customers, partners and citizens can attend without additional licenses
  • Everyone can join from their favorite device: PC / Mac, browser, telephony, smartphone, tablet, dedicated meeting room, etc.
  • Use presence to see if your coworker is available before starting a chat, desktop sharing, or audio / video call
  • Share your presence with external users on Lync, Skype for Business and Teams all over the world, making communicating with people across the globe as easy as the colleague down at a time
  • And you can communicate with them all for free via chat, audio or video calls, and desktop sharing
  • Add full telephony to your solution you can call to and from the public telephone network (PSTN)
  • Let your reception and contact center get a contemporary multichannel solution by adding, for example, Zylinc’s solution to your Teams telephony.

How can we help you?

Microsoft Teams are triumphing around the world, and the potential of the solution is enormous if users take advantage of the new opportunities for collaboration and communication. For some users, Teams will be the most natural thing in the world, for others a new universe. With our adoption services, we can help you reap the full potential of both Microsoft Teams and the other parts of Microsoft’s platform.

We help you establish a unified, cloud-based communications solution, whether your employees simply need a replacement for their outdated desk phone, whether you need a complete solution with Zylinc switchboard and call center features, or whether you want to consolidate all of your existing systems in Teams.

Contact us for an inspirational meeting, hear about other companies’ positive experiences with Teams and Office 365 and learn about the potential of your business.