Cloud Transition

For many companies, moving IT cloud platforms and getting business applications and data centers delivered as cloud services from Office 365 and Microsoft Azure is extremely beneficial.

Here are some of the many benefits your business can achieve:

  • Global Data Center
  • Easy scalability and elasticity
  • An agile and flexible platform that ensures fast delivery to the business
  • Improved security, governance and compliance
  • Update so your users can easily access new services
  • To use a “green data center” and support Microsoft’s work with climate-friendly cloud-based IT. Microsoft has an ambitious climate plan and a goal of operating Azure Data Centers with 70% renewable energy by 2023, and having a negative CO2 footprint by 2030.

How can we help?

The development of cloud services is fast-paced, which means that the road to the cloud is not always straightforward.

We have developed a unique concept that has helped to ensure a safe and well-executed transition to the cloud for a wide range of companies and public organizations. The concept is a workshop course that aims to define how a cloud transition is best approached for your particular organization based on your specific situation. Thus, we ensure that you get the cloud services that are relevant to your organization and that you take advantage of the opportunities that give you the greatest business value.

Our Cloud Transition Workshop is built around three areas of analysis:

  1. As-Is that clarifies your current situation
  2. Technology that describes relevant technology capabilities within Office 365 and Microsoft Azure
  3. To-Be, that describes your most advantageous end result in a transition

We organize workshops with you to require knowledge sharing, clarification and expectation reconciliation in relation to the three areas of analysis. The result of a Vision & Scope process is a report that can be used as an operational transition plan in the following project process. The report’s value creation is ensured through:

  • A road map describing the future architecture
  • Expected cost of transition to the To-Be architecture
  • Expected need for internal and external time during the transition to the To-Be architecture
  • A selection of work packages that can be selected and assembled according to the customer’s needs over time

We are always up to date on the development of both existing and new services, and we see it as our task to make sure you get inspiration and help in adopting the new capabilities with Microsoft’s Cloud Services. We can support you in your journey into the Cloud and are able to help you find the best cloud solution that exactly meets your needs.