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The program included:

  • Our holistic offering for our clients with Emiel Putman and Debbie Alders where we will also talk about our mission to become One Fellowmind.
  • Secondly we’ll update you about the One brand process. Gert Jansen will give a first view on the development of our website, Maria Heimonen will tell us more how we will communicate the one branding to customers, and Carolina Jarl tells us about our internal branding workshops.  
  • Today we have TWO reporter videos, made by the Swedish and Danish team.
  • Allan Rocha will share multiple cases in which Fellows have worked together to create an optimal customer experience. 
  • Hardy Türling will give us an insight in the German market. 
  • And last but not least, we show you all your pictures of the summer challenge. And of course we have a winner!

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The Fellowmind Inside program outline is created by our Fellows and for our Fellows. Please send your topics, suggestions, best practices or customer examples to inside@fellowmindcompany.com. Together we’re so much better.