The advancing digitization has a lasting effect on day-to-day business. Customers expect individualized all-round support, and intelligent machines are increasingly being used to analyze data flows.

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Fellowmind accompanies the digital transformation at Evonik

The advancing digitalization has a lasting effect on day-to-day business: Companies have to react very agile to changes in the market and drive the automation of their processes. Customers expect individualized all-round support, and intelligent machines are increasingly being used to analyze data flows.

Finally, companies should also take into account the changed information behavior and the increasing desire for mobile workplaces. In order to meet these requirements as an international company, Evonik relies on the cloud, among other things. The internationally known specialty chemicals giant has therefore developed a comprehensive cloud strategy and has already started implementation. In order to define the requirements for the software and select the suitable provider, Evonik consulted Fellowmind. The organization was also called in as a partner for the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Overall cloud solution is convincing

In 2017, Evonik consulted various experts. After several months of intensive consultation, the decision was made in favor of Microsoft Dynamics 365 as the CRM solution. Evonik will continue to use the current SAP ERP system and connect it to Dynamics 365 via an interface. “There were several reasons for our decision”, explains Evonik CIO Dr. Bettina Uhlich. “With Dynamics 365, Microsoft has put together an overall cloud package that includes the CRM system and cloud platforms such as Azure and Microsoft Power BI.” On the plus side of Dynamics 365, it is also stated that, as Microsoft’s in-house product, it can be optimally linked to other MS platforms such as Outlook or LinkedIn. And, particularly convenient for the user: the standardized interface for all Microsoft products. Attractive license fees and comparatively low implementation costs were also decisive factors for Evonik.

“The powerful BI solutions allow us to analyze the in CRM system recorded data as well as to enrich it with data from other sources and then evaluate.”

– Dr. Bettina Uhlich, CIO, Evonik

Requirements from the various business lines

The implementation phase started in spring 2018 – initially in three of the 18 business lines at Evonik. The specialty chemicals giant has selected CRM Partners as its consulting company. “Both their extensive reference list of successful rollouts and the expertise shown in the identification phase were decisive”, emphasizes project manager Dr. Zhong Hong. The contact persons know about the complexity of the tasks that the Fellowmind team of up to 10 had to solve. The challenge is to enable a system that is very similar to a buffet. The system covers the requirements from the various business lines, so that a large number of options are available. So each business line uses what is needed and can still benefit from other areas to optimize its processes. This approach to harmonization sets the course for successful in-house cooperation. At the same time, this is the cornerstone for the further development of the system.

Harmonization of processes

To stay with the example of data maintenance: In the future, it should be precisely determined which data is to be recorded and how and what depth of information is desired. Reporting will also be standardized for all units, both in terms of content and layout. In order to achieve this, but also to make the users’ working life a little easier, the team has set up an input mask that is standardized for everyone. To this end, the CRM professionals from Eschborn held various workshops in advance: with around 15 employees from the three Evonik pilot teams, overall responsible Dr. Hong, the business project manager Stefan Brus and the IT project manager Femia Menke.

“The success that has already been achieved confirms our decision.”

— Dr. Zhong Hong, Head of IT Architecture Strategy, Evonik

“Together we thought through many variants and discussed the pros and cons of existing processes”, remembers Stefan Brus. “Ultimately, we wanted to find a solution that was very good for everyone and that would still be in place when we bring the other business lines on board”, adds Femia Menke. The project managers on both sides are therefore very satisfied with what has been achieved so far. The end-user training of the three pilot business lines ran until the end of 2018 and started with Dynamics in January 2019. The project managers on both sides are very satisfied with what has been achieved so far. Dr. Bettina Uhlich is already looking ahead. “Together with Fellowmind, we will also carry out the rollout in the rest of the company from May onwards, which will probably last until the end of the year. It will continue to help us to have a detailed overview of the entire change management process. ”

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