Serving customers working on the rice fields in Indonesia to the wheat fields of the US, Customer Engagement at Bayer Crop Science is complex. Over 5000 employees enjoy working with technology to make interactions engaging and personal

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Making interactions more engaging and personal

Bayer CropScience is an international provider of crop protection products in approximately 50 countries worldwide.

To provide a reliable solution, it is extremely important to know the various customers and the right distribution channels in all the different countries. To always meet the local needs at the right time. Bayer CropScience found us in their quest for a European Microsoft partner that is able support the size and complexity of a Fortune 500 organization. After a recommendation from market researcher Gartner, we started working on their global Customer Engagement Platform.

Global Platform

After a phase in which we defined the Customer Engagement strategy, we implemented the Microsoft Dynamics Platform in Asia and soon continued working with European countries, Oceania and the United States.

For the implementation of the global platform we used a generic basic template that we were able to modify per country. In this way, every employee only gets to see relevant customer information and the safety of data is secured.

We are working on different functionalities:

  • Full and up-to-date customer view for more than 5000 employees, through mobile devices from the rice fields in Indonesia to the wheat fields of Northern America
  • Registration of the complete account management, for a healthy and understandable sales pipeline
  • Management and registration of current campaign management
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Ralf Haberich
Managing Director