Being in full control of every asset throughout the whole product lifecycle has become a necessity for doing successful business.

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Smarter Manufacturing and Aftermarketing With Annata 365

The market for vehicles, machinery, and other capital-intensive equipment is changing. Manufacturers are wrestling with increasing warranty costs that risk eating up too big a piece of the cake.

Distributors and dealers face increased competition from manufacturers aiming to expand their business. Service and rental companies are striving to streamline the management of spare parts, maintenance plans, and service agreements. 

The need to work smarter and more efficiently, from start to finish, increases when it comes to what we call “valuable assets,” meaning machinery, vehicles, and other expensive equipment. Being in full control of every asset throughout the whole product lifecycle, whether it is cars, cranes, trucks, or industrial robots, has become a necessity for doing successful business. 

Annata 365—ERP System for Vehicles and Equipment 

Annata 365 is an industry-specific business solution developed primarily for managing vehicles and other capital-intensive equipment, from trucks to agricultural equipment to cranes and industrial robots, with full traceability. Regardless of whether you manufacture heavy equipment, are a spare-parts dealer, import cars, or rent cranes, Annata 365 offers integrated support for all your business processes—for the whole lifecycle of the product. 

With Annata 365, you will have a structured process for registering and tracking all assets that have a serial number throughout the entire lifecycle of the product—from configuration, purchasing, and assembling to sales or rental. The solution comes with full support for all aftermarket processes, such as warranty management, service agreements, and spare parts management. 

Annata 365 and Dynamics 365—Your Complete Business Platform 

Annata 365 builds on the business platform Microsoft Dynamics 365 and several of its supplementary apps—Finance, Supply Chain, Field Service, and Sales, for example. By using the standard features of the leading business platform on the market and the industry-specific add-ons in combination with the predefined processes in Annata 365, you do not have to start from scratch. You will be able to work smarter and focus resources on development that will directly contribute to your company’s innovation and differentiation activities. 

If you choose to go all the way, you will have a platform that includes not only your ERP system and other business support processes but also helps you manage HR, CRM, and marketing processes. And you can seamlessly integrate it with other members of Microsoft’s product family, such as Power BI, Cortana Intelligence, and Azure IoT. 

A Total Solution for Aftermarket Services 

Annata 365 will give you all the tools needed for lifecycle management of vehicles, machinery, and other expensive equipment in an integrated business solution: 

  • Manufacturing, repairs, and maintenance – Annata 365 for Manufacturing is an integrated business solution for those of you who manufacture vehicles, machinery, and other capital-intensive equipment. The solution supports all processes, from manufacturing and sales to maintenance and service. 
  • SalesAnnata 365 for Importer and Wholesale and Annata 365 for Dealer are the perfect solutions for importers, distributers, or dealers of vehicles, machinery, and other expensive equipment. The solution will give you a complete overview of your orders, deliveries, and every part of the supply chain—with full traceability throughout the whole chain. 
  • RentalAnnata 365 for Rental offers full support for companies that rent vehicles, machinery, and other capital-intensive equipment. It comes with all the features needed for monitoring and analyzing the entire process, from renting and invoicing to returns and maintenance. 
  • Fleet ManagementAnnata 365 Fleet is an integrated solution for companies in the fleet management industry. It is a total solution for monitoring the life-cycle of your company’s entire fleet—from the day a vehicle is purchased until it is recycled. 

Four Reasons to Choose Annata 365 

Choosing Annata will benefit your aftermarket processes in many ways. Here are four things that stand out: 

  • Provides full life-cycle management with support for all business processes from manufacturing to recycling, in an integrated solution 
  • Allows you to get started quickly with industry-specific business processes—adapt to new requirements with flexible applications in the cloud
  • Includes automated processes and improved customer insight with data analytics as a foundation for fast business decisions 
  • Features trouble-free use with a total solution in the cloud at a budgetable monthly cost 
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