Vision & Strategy

The world is becoming ever more digitized. Digital technology is invading in peoples lives, both in a private and a business context. Interactions are being digitized, and it seems that technology is pushing out the human connection.

In our vision, we see technology as the enabler of better human connections. We see connections between people at the core of a digital future. First, this is about making digital interactions feel more human, intuitive, and more personal. Secondly, thanks to automation, people can spend less time working on repetitive and manual tasks. So we can use digital technology to create time and space for people to have more valuable and meaningful connections.

For Fellowmind, this means our role is changing. From a technology provider implementing IT-systems, to a company taking organisations along the journey of digital transformation, making people enjoy working with technology and make technology work for them.

People at Heart

People are central to everything we do. We believe that by putting people at the core, we enable them to bring their talent to the world. And when people flourish, business flourishes.

Growth Stategy

Together, Fellowmind exists of 1.000 employees across twenty offices in four European countries. Our strategic vision is to deploy a balanced portfolio of Microsoft technologies over the next five years, supported by a multinational workforce of 2.500.  We are continuing our European expansion with a buy-and-build strategy.