People at Heart

Fellowmind is built on a diverse mix of personalities. Our people are central to everything we do. We believe that by putting people at the core, we enable them to bring their talent to the world. And when people flourish, business flourishes.

Circle to Success

We believe in our circle of success. A simple yet helpful way of explaining the purpose of putting people at heart. Our circle of success starts with passionate people. Passionate Fellows, people who are willing to go the extra mile and are able to create a unique customer experience that leads to sustainable, rewarding relationships. Through profitable business, we can keep on innovating and developing our knowledge and skills. This enables us to invest in the continuous growth of employees fueling their passion, building on their talents.

Company Values

Always Personal

Being always personal is central in our way of working, both internally as well as externally. People at heart, means that personal relationships and attention for one another are key. Personal is about being truly engaged with customers and each other. We don’t believe in rigid formality, standard solutions or automated answers devoid of human feeling. Technology is here to help us create more time to be more personal, to listen more and to be more empathic

Better Together

Better together, that’s how we feel about working at Fellowmind. This is true when working with colleagues as well as with clients. We believe in the power in doing things together, doing it side by side. Better together is about helping each other, caring for each other and being truly convinced that everyone is in it together, to get it better.

Serious about Fun

In our working relations good vibes are essential. We think that working (with us) should be fun and give you energy and in the end, make things easier. At Fellowmind, we are energetic, we want to get stuff done, and we are serious about fun. That’s why we never miss an opportunity to celebrate.

Act with Courage

For us, acting with courage means two things. It means, having the courage to do new things, explore new possibilities and having the guts to dream big. But courage also means creating space for vulnerability in the workplace, being able to sometimes say no to customers, and allowing people to share uncertainties and speak up, even when you are the only one with a different opinion. It’s about being openminded, explorative and honest.